Empowered, Grateful, Strong

Nothing in this world will make your life consistently harder than being committed to showing up fully, to refuse to numb and to retreat into a secluded world that narrows with each drink. And when I tell you that I’m grateful every day for the difficulty, it is true. I’m grateful for the the harshContinue reading “Empowered, Grateful, Strong”

What does it mean?

Recently, our Senior Warden, Shawn Rhodes, asked the congregation to think about what Christ Church means to them. It was an exercise that he did in preparing his short words about why his family gives financially to our church for his remarks about Stewardship. His words were powerful and moving, and made me begin toContinue reading “What does it mean?”

On Belonging and Sanctification

A truth that has been present in every context in which I have served, is that for the most part, we all just want to belong. It has been true in working with college students and congregants who have spent decades in their communities; it’s been true in working with our neighbors experiencing homelessness andContinue reading “On Belonging and Sanctification”