Psalm 30: Wailing and Dancing

As a visual person, I prefer to read rather than listen to Scripture in worship. My brain doesn’t always catch the details when I only hear God’s word read, and I like the details. My love of language often finds its joy in a clever use of a word that isn’t easily perceived, or theContinue reading “Psalm 30: Wailing and Dancing”

If That Don’t Make You Love Your Body

Lying back in a supported bound angle pose, I opened my eyes to see the dim white of the ceiling and the still blades of the ceiling fan. It was this moment during my restorative yoga practice that I realized that I have forgotten how to have grace with my body. When I began toContinue reading “If That Don’t Make You Love Your Body”

Transitions in Late Spring

The southeast met me with air heavy with humidity, magnolias in bloom, and the ubiquitous smell of wild honey suckle. It met with all the memories of who I once was in light of who I am becoming. Refusing to let this new life be all that mattered without first being grateful for all thatContinue reading “Transitions in Late Spring”