Do Not Leave Us Comfortless

As a kid, I was sort of always sick. I can tell the big stories, like how one year when decorating a live Christmas tree with my family, I stopped breathing and rushed to the hospital. And the boring stories like shortly having to go every Saturday morning to get three different allergy shots everyContinue reading “Do Not Leave Us Comfortless”

The Blessing of Changed Plans

My first Epiphany here at Christ Church, I took home the paper instructions and blue chalk and while I don’t remember if it was me or Father Steve who preached that night, I do remember how the chalk crumbled slightly as I with every bit of prayerful intention I could marked C + M +Continue reading “The Blessing of Changed Plans”

Changed by the Wilderness

       The day started early, with simple and delicious buttered bread and a bowl of coffee, which, I learned that morning, was how the folks in the Basque area of France drink coffee, literally in a bowl. Over breakfast, I sat with other pilgrims, talking about the day, our hopes, and plans for the pilgrimage;Continue reading “Changed by the Wilderness”

A Trampled Sabbath

       In Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life, one can find some of the best life advice there is, but within the framework of a non-fiction exploration of writing. Dillard is a master at blending poetry and prose as she dances between fiction and nonfiction; she crafts narratives that seem to be about nothing, but alwaysContinue reading “A Trampled Sabbath”

Sustaining Hope

There are some places in this world that invite one to ponder and to consider things that they had never given time to before, and over the last ten weeks of my Sabbatical, my life has been full of them. While I’ll go into sharing about my Camino journey and travels in a few weeks,Continue reading “Sustaining Hope”

Psalm 30: Wailing and Dancing

As a visual person, I prefer to read rather than listen to Scripture in worship. My brain doesn’t always catch the details when I only hear God’s word read, and I like the details. My love of language often finds its joy in a clever use of a word that isn’t easily perceived, or theContinue reading “Psalm 30: Wailing and Dancing”

Psalm 91: I Will Be with Them in Trouble

Oh Psalm 91. Many people have recited these words and many people have misused them. Psalm 91 is a brilliant and beautiful song of trust and faith in God’s provision for God’s people, But that it can mistakenly be understood that those who profess a belief in God and a devotion to God will haveContinue reading “Psalm 91: I Will Be with Them in Trouble”

Psalm 86: Incline Your Ear, O Lord

In a Book Three surprising twist, Psalm 86 claims to be a psalm of David, which, one many noticed, were declared to have ended in Book Two. Likely this is not a prayer composed by David himself, but rather Psalm 86 takes David’s words and repurposes them for a new age, and gives them aContinue reading “Psalm 86: Incline Your Ear, O Lord”