Psalm 49: The Fate of the Foolhardy

After last’s night celebration and praise break, this evening’s psalm, Psalm 49 brings us back to face the complexity of the issue of death in the face of power and wealth. In the middle of this psalm is a riddle. In verses 5 and 6 we are presented with a riddle that can be summedContinue reading “Psalm 49: The Fate of the Foolhardy”

Psalm 48: The Joy of All the Earth

In the midst of the communal lament that extends past last night’s psalm, today’s psalm gives rise to a break in the lament. It is a pause in a series of laments individual and communal to give a praise break. The Psalter, it is important to remember was not always bound together this way. ItContinue reading “Psalm 48: The Joy of All the Earth”

Psalm 42: Deep Calls to Deep

One of the best things about the psalms and how they speak to us today is how to lament. A lament holds us in the uncomfortable space of disappointment and frustration, and most Christians aren’t too good at staying in this space. The way in which our church calendar moves we have time build inContinue reading “Psalm 42: Deep Calls to Deep”

Psalm 35: O Lord, do not be silent!

Many times bravery and danger are two sides of the coin. This evening’s psalm is both. Psalm 35 is a desperate plea from someone so excluded that he, in a prayer to God, paints the scenario with war-like imagery. At first it could be tempting to see this as actual war, as a psalm fromContinue reading “Psalm 35: O Lord, do not be silent!”

Psalm 102: Lonely on a Housetop

On a day when each of us are reminded that we will die and are but dust, the psalm suggested for the evening of Ash Wednesday forces us to embrace what could be easy to gloss over: that death (and therefore, life) is occasionally overwhelming and gruesome. Even as we get ash rubbed onto ourContinue reading “Psalm 102: Lonely on a Housetop”