Unsteady Ground

What if the unsteady ground is exactly where I’m supposed to be? What if the unsteady ground is necessary in this in between time. The soft, tender earth that lies between where I once was and where I am now, is anything but steady.

But this unsteady ground is where I grow; one fragile step in front of the other. Here I learn that this ground cannot hold me up on its own, but that it was never meant to; it is and will always be unsteady, and yet it supports me all the same.

What if this season is one that lacks stability, but never lacks support? What if all I have to do is to rest my bare feet upon this ground and to let it hold me? What if I have all I need, even on unsteady ground?

As I navigate out of one of the darkest darknesses I’ve yet to experience, I find myself on this unsteady ground; without stability, but never without support.

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