Psalm 37:19-40: Their Steps Do Not Slip

One of the more helpful ways to understand trauma is to acknowledge that experiencing a trauma is not the end of its effect. Those who undergo traumatic events cannot fully process the happening in the moment, and perhaps not even until much later in their life, depending on the trauma. Shelley Rambo puts this beautifullyContinue reading “Psalm 37:19-40: Their Steps Do Not Slip”

Being Found by God

A sermon delivered to the people of Christ Episcopal Church in Bowling Green, KY on John 1: 43-51 on the Second Sunday after Epiphany, January 14, 2018. In 2010, Marina Abramovic, an experiential artist who creates exhibits that challenge and engage the viewer, had an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art entitled “The ArtistContinue reading “Being Found by God”

Swim Diagonally

The refrain of “name and date of birth” requests were constant while I was in the hospital; during my 11 day stay, I probably recounted the story of how I got sick and the progression of my hospital hopping 30 times. In the hospital, everything is about you when you are the patient. Doctors, nurses,Continue reading “Swim Diagonally”

The Mess of the Middle

It was a warm New Year’s Day at a monastery in Cullman, Alabama years ago that I first accepted that I am a mess. I distinctly remember writing in my journal, a new practice at the time, “What if I will always be a mess?”. I was young and hopeful, but also naive about myselfContinue reading “The Mess of the Middle”

And I Prayed: A Woman’s First Time

I continue to have firsts in the church; today, I taught my first class. While it doesn’t quite compare to serving Eucharist, it was certainly reminiscent of experiencing that first. Last November, after I prayed and served my first Eucharist, I wrote this reflection of the experience. Today was reminiscent of that experience, because, yetContinue reading “And I Prayed: A Woman’s First Time”

Reflection: Not everyone needs a chaplain

My first few days I struggled with feeling as if I wasn’t being chaplainy enough. I would spend time with the patients, and quickly, I would learn if their children were wonderful, or if they provided a source of anxiety, I learned where they lived, what they did, and generally, whether I wanted to know it or not, theirContinue reading “Reflection: Not everyone needs a chaplain”

The Trinity

Being captured in a moment in which you see yourself from the outside, the world makes sense, and you get why you are finally where you are supposed to be in that moment. This is what most good music does to me. I don’t classify good by the type or really even the talent…but musicContinue reading “The Trinity”

Nakedness and the Divine

It was one of those late Summer mornings, the ones that start to look like Fall, but when you go outside, summer attacks your senses with heat and the sounds of bugs. I was heading to yet another doctor’s visit where I would inevitably end up naked, or partially naked in a doctors office, myContinue reading “Nakedness and the Divine”