The Spirit Offers What We Need

In the long, winding commute to my field education parish my last year of seminary, my drive led me weekly past the Pentagon, the Jefferson memorial, and through the cherry tree-lined Tidal basin. It was a beautiful, quiet, and peaceful drive early on Sunday mornings as I made my way from Alexandria, VA to Bethesda,Continue reading “The Spirit Offers What We Need”

God is Calling Us to Meet the Needs of the World

Anytime someone comes back from a trip, there is a desire for them to share what they experienced, and maybe even a cursory interest of other people in seeing what they saw. While the old trope of pulling out the at-home projector and watching slides of the family vacation is a little bit lost onContinue reading “God is Calling Us to Meet the Needs of the World”

Waiting and Remaining

He was dying, there was no denying it. I came to the ICU room after receiving a code blue while working as a chaplain in a hospital, and after a quick scan of the usual medical staff attempting to stave off the darkness of death for a little while longer, I realized his impending deathContinue reading “Waiting and Remaining”

Blessing and Curses: On Earth as it is in Heaven

Having a penchant for good stories, I love to read and also to watch TV. There are some shows whose characters are just so compelling and engaging and I can’t wait to follow along with their story. While my go-to will almost always be a well-written comedy like the Good Place or Parks and Rec,Continue reading “Blessing and Curses: On Earth as it is in Heaven”