A Foolish Life of Weakness

Noted author and researcher Brené Brown has a lot to say about vulnerability, weakness, and strength. In her now famous TED talk from 2014, she lays out what she had discovered in her research around shame and guilt, and more importantly the power of vulnerability. The first time I watched this video, it hit meContinue reading “A Foolish Life of Weakness”

Sighs Too Deep

I was surrounded and the room filled with the loud sound of a family presenting to God their fears, their hopes, and their anxieties. In many ways, it was like any other day; I knocked on the non-descript hospital door and introduced myself. I listened as the family shared the terrible news about the patriarchContinue reading “Sighs Too Deep”

We Have No Other Choice

In an article published in March of this year in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, it was discovered that it takes about 90 hours to make friends. They studied different groups of people like students or those who have recently moved, and the researchers took careful note that friendships are not unilateral. OneContinue reading “We Have No Other Choice”