Psalm 91: I Will Be with Them in Trouble

Oh Psalm 91. Many people have recited these words and many people have misused them. Psalm 91 is a brilliant and beautiful song of trust and faith in God’s provision for God’s people, But that it can mistakenly be understood that those who profess a belief in God and a devotion to God will haveContinue reading “Psalm 91: I Will Be with Them in Trouble”

Psalm 86: Incline Your Ear, O Lord

In a Book Three surprising twist, Psalm 86 claims to be a psalm of David, which, one many noticed, were declared to have ended in Book Two. Likely this is not a prayer composed by David himself, but rather Psalm 86 takes David’s words and repurposes them for a new age, and gives them aContinue reading “Psalm 86: Incline Your Ear, O Lord”

Psalm 78: They Tested God Again and Again

Psalm 78 is a psalm that is out to teach a lesson. This psalm, which is broken up in the readings for the morning and the evening Daily Office, is a recounting of Israel’s history and the psalmist wants to use the history lesson contained therein to teach the people a lesson. The history recountedContinue reading “Psalm 78: They Tested God Again and Again”

Psalm 77: I Cry Aloud to God

When I read through the psalms, there are psalms that fall flat on my ears; there are those psalms that are so bouncy and happy and just hardly seem entirely true. Then there are psalms that strike deep in my soul and wreck me with the truth that they contain and the truth that IContinue reading “Psalm 77: I Cry Aloud to God”

Psalm 23: For You Are With Me

Psalm 23, one of the psalms set for this evening, is probably the most known passages of scripture. It is known across religions, and has often made its way into popular culture. It is almost always prayed together at a funeral. It’s words, with the Lord’s Prayer, are often found on the lips of thoseContinue reading “Psalm 23: For You Are With Me”

Psalm 73: How Can God Know?

The psalm set for this evening is the one direct before the psalm set for last night. Sometimes I wonder what logic there is in the arrangement of the Daily Office, but this one seem clear. Whereas last night’s psalm, Psalm 74 sits in the uncomfortable reality that God’s absence is deeply felt, and neverContinue reading “Psalm 73: How Can God Know?”

Psalm 74: Remember Your Congregation

For the most part, when reading the Psalms with regularity and intention, it becomes obvious that there are certain patterns that most of the psalms follow. There are the psalms that express never-failing confidence in God and God alone. There are psalms that give rise to both individual and communal laments. There are psalms thatContinue reading “Psalm 74: Remember Your Congregation”

Psalm 119:73-96: Your Law is My Delight

In the massive beast that is Psalm 119, this evening’s psalms sets apart three stanzas. Being an acrostic poem, Psalm 119 not only follows the flow of the Hebrew alphabet, within each stanza, each line starts with the letter as well. This evening’s selections are the yod, the kap, and the lamed letters. The entiretyContinue reading “Psalm 119:73-96: Your Law is My Delight”

Psalm 68: God will Shatter the Heads of His Enemies

One thing is certain about this evening’s psalm: no one fully understands it. There are textual difficulties, there are translation difficulties, and anyone who tries, it seems, struggles to find a category within which to place Psalm 68. It is cyclical in nature, but is it a communal hymn of praise? Is it an individualContinue reading “Psalm 68: God will Shatter the Heads of His Enemies”