The Year of Change

Never asking why this or why me, the raindrop flaunted the fundamental pattern of life as it traced a helical arc through the air on the way to its destiny. And its destiny, as always, was simple: to make a splash, to shake it up, to burst the bubble, to keep it real, to share the water, to nourish the Garden.

Nine Kinds of Naked-Tony Vigorito

This is the year of change, for everyone in my life, it seems. There are pregnancies, weddings, infants, new houses, old houses, divorces, new jobs, coming out of the closet in sexuality or religion, old jobs with new twists, medical degrees received, moves across the country, small decisions with big impacts, and vice versa. 

There is deep pain and extensive joy happening in my social landscape that I cannot even try to fathom in all at once.

Two things are clear to me as this chaos takes place. First, is that we are a community supporting each other no matter what shape that takes. Second, growth is the only point of change. Whether our growth is by splashing on the ground to nourish someone else’s growth; resulting in our own, temporary tragedy. Or in our own, measurable, observable growth as people. Me must grow or die, and so we must change. 

Whether you believe in providence or serendipity or not, it is a beautiful happy coincidence that we are all going through this year of change together. 

I’ve got less than two months left here in Nashville before I move to Texas and I still waver on whether or not it’s the right choice, but I always take comfort in the fact that it’s change, and even if it’s not the right change it will create the right personal growth and a fantastic year of change.

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