ART BRINGS VIBRANCE and beauty to our lives. Creativity is both a fully human and fully divine experience. It is an acknowledgement that something eternal and full of truth lies behind the temporal world in which we live. It focuses our eyes on the pain around us, the injustice in front of us, the joy abounding within us and the pull we feel towards meaning and significance.

In today’s society though, real art is slowly becoming less and less present. Our generation experiences art as a constant stream of marketing. Creativity is now harnessed to push product. When we only experience art in advertisements, web-sites, brands and logos, we lose the invaluable ways that it helps us understand who we are and what life is all about.

Humanity is losing a vital connection to God and to our souls when the arts begin to become unworthy in society.

Deeper Walk: Why Art Matters to Christians

Relevant Magazine

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