January 2012: The best January yet.

I do not love January, and I won’t make any apologies for it. It’s my birthday month, but other than that, it’s pretty much usually just a wet blanket of a month. The holidays are over, and good or bad they have left us exhausted, and here in Tennessee, the winter is usually pretty miserable. It’s icy, wet, and gray, other than an occasional February snow…but January…it’s the worst. 

Until this year…2012 has been pretty great so far.

The weather has been both chilly and Spring like…but more importantly…sunshine. That’s all that needs to be said. I usually get SAD because the sun goes away for 1-3 months…but not yet! 

I’ve gotten to travel much already this year! Three states outside my own (I’m counting the part of I-24 that dips into GA), for a monastery, hiking the AT in Tennessee/North Carolina, and to have dinner with a good friend. All were great, but it was exciting to go on the AT for the first time (of many), plus it was snowing AND sunny, and it was a birthday trip with someone who was just as happy about hiking in 20 degree snowy weather as I was. 


I got my first acceptance notice for Divinity School at Wake Forest. I may go here or somewhere else, but nonetheless, accepted is a nice word. 


My friends here threw me a surprise birthday party, I was actually surprised…even though everyone was 35 minutes late, I didn’t catch on. It was fantastic. I’m not great at giving or receiving gifts, so birthdays can get weird quick; since my friends know this about me, it was the perfect selection of gifts/non-gifts. I was going to list them, because they made me so happy in their oddness/wonderfulness, but I’ll not. The best part? The cake with someone else’s name in letter candles on it. 

I’ve written (well, will have written) 31 letters to friends, acquaintances, and people who for one reason or another are no longer part of my daily life. Last year I gave up something for a New Year’s Resolution, this year a friend suggested I add something to my days in 2012…writing a letter to someone everyday. It’s been a good experience and practice to take time out of my day, everyday to think about who I want to write, what I want to say, and to think about what they have meant to me in my life. 

I hope your January and 2012 have been treating you well too! 


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