Every night since my grandmother passed away in 2005 that I have slept in my own bed, I have used this quilt. Clearly, she was no master quilter…the colors don’t match, the pieces are cut at different lengths, and when you hold it up it has a vague trapezoid shape, and this is the pretty side. There are those quilts that are fluffy and soft, this is not that. This is clearly a depression era quilt, it’s sole purpose is warmth and it’s primary way of delivering that warmth is through weight, it’s heavier than you’d think. When my grandmother passed away, my brother and I (who had the rare privilege of siblings to attend the same college and experience that together), packed up and made the 8 hour drive to Indianapolis. While helping our father and uncles clean out the house, we found rare things, but these quilts are something that Brian and I both immediately thought would be worth saving and I think he still has his somewhere. We made awkward jokes about the hideousness of them and mocked the weight, but only because that’s what we do when we are coping.

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