What makes you feel most alive?

Sitting in a circle with 15 strangers in St. Joseph’s Room at a monastery in Alabama, I was asked this question. I answered, probably because I like to over share, and I probably answered without thinking through clearly, but in reflection, my answer seems to fit what truly makes me feel alive. 

For me, it is connectivity. Whether that is through good solid connections with people, connecting to nature, silence, strangers, or animals. This connection makes me feel alive. I don’t really regulate it, it seems to sneak in on me, which might be why it makes me feel alive. When this connectivity happens, I feel so full of love that I can hardly contain it….I know a preacher that calls this “the thin space.” Maybe I’m using his term wrong, but that’s what I take from it. 

I’m curious as to what makes others feel this way, and I’m not sure I can understand someone else’s path, it’ll be interesting to try. 

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