I started this blog approximately a year ago. In that time I have posted over 100 entries, although lately they have been largely reblogs, but still, I’m slightly amazed that I’ve kept it up. There are a handful of people who I know read this blog, and surely there are some lurkers. As a passionate blog lurker myself; I appreciate those kinds of people. 

I entitled this blog Vaguely Twenty-Six because I was facing my 26th birthday and I felt like I was no where near the standard of what my vision of how I would be at this age. That mental/real world discrepancy really bothered me. I have been given a wonderful year by this universe and now I’m not feeling quite so vague. 

Becca’s 2010 hightlights:

  • I found this music video, which I just adore. 
  • I mourned for Haiti, Nashville, and the Gulf and the tragedies that hit them. My goodness….this is going to be awful.  cajunboy:  The Louisiana beach! More heartbreak here.
  • I allowed myself to go hiking, even if I had to be independent enough tackle it alone (in a safe, well populated park….and sometimes in a not so safe, not so populated park—lesson learned). I always had the desire to pursue this hobby/sport but never had someone to go with or much knowledge, but when winter shed it’s grip from early 2010, I went for it because I knew I would love it. Words can’t really desire how much I do love hiking, and that I let myself have time and space to explore this new love in 2010.
  • I used this blog to find a voice for my slightly agnostic, pro-homosexual rights, anti-war, left-wing personality. I’ve probably shared too much about myself, cussed a little too much, and shattered some halos. It’s been wonderful. I don’t have this space on Facebook and the handful of friends who wouldn’t reject me for these opinions have to hear it too much anyways. I’m thankful for this space. 
  • I became an aunt! I was sincerely surprised by the overhwleming since of pride that accompanied this new title that I adopted this year. And yes, he is the cutest…he also have what I like to call ‘always surprised eyes’ and that crack me up constantly. This week I became an aunt…and it’s pretty stinking great.
  • I took some great trips with some great people. These included trips to Mackinac Island, MI, New York City, West Virgina, Saint Simon’s Island, GA, and several day trips around Nashville. It is truly great to have these opportunities. 
  • I wrote some things that I’m really proud of, that expressed my opinions and views and voiced something that needed to be voiced. 
  • I faced some health challenges, obstacles, and hurdles. It ranged the gambit of emotions: scary, consuming, delightful, happy, and frustrating. I am ending 2010 forty-five pounds lighter, a lot less stress, and with something I have named ‘Igor’. 
  • Most importantly, I ended 2010 happy. Happy with my job, friends, life, hopes, fears, goals, and ambitions. 

It might just be this happiness that has settled into my life that has caused my life to not be quite so vague. No matter the cause, I am glad that that as I enter into my 27 year of life in a few days with a happy outlook. I am accepting the state in which I am entering into my 27 year despite what my past self feels that I should have accomplished by now, and that is a pretty great start.

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