Jesus Told Me To

Listening to religious people talk sometimes is flabbergasting. I know that I’m in this group too, just a different edge of the crazy…still there though. Sometimes when discussing what is right and good, Christians say “Jesus would want us to…”, this is weird, and creepy. I’ve said it before, and I’ve definitely implied it multipleContinue reading “Jesus Told Me To”

I am more than my past.

My grandmother was an overt racist; growing up in a small town in middle Tennessee paved that way of life. She wasn’t the “quiet, ignore people with brown skin” racist, but the vehement, outspoken kind that makes your stomach turn to think that anyone could speak to another human that way. In 2005 when anContinue reading “I am more than my past.”

Relationships and Hell

Heat radiating from an unknown source; thirst so intense it pinpricks every organ; faces so contorted in agony that their pain cannot even take a voice to scream out against the eternity that binds them.  Imagery that striking (along with a pleasant version for Heaven) are why I was baptized when I was 8 years old, because even an 8-yr-old canContinue reading “Relationships and Hell”

The agonizing self-realizer goes to San Fran!

About a month ago, I posted about how I often let the odds stack against me and don’t go after things. Specifically a career shift manifesting itself in a community organizing residency, which at the time I had just scheduled a phone interview. Well the phone interview went well, and I got invited to San Francisco toContinue reading “The agonizing self-realizer goes to San Fran!”

I’m not an anarchist, but I follow one on Twitter.

My friend @jesus_anarchist recently posted on twitter a few thoughts, and I’ve had trouble getting out of my head. (The same friend has also been known to say that the truth sticks and you can’t get rid of it.) They were three separate tweets, but if I remember correctly, they were a string of thoughts, so IContinue reading “I’m not an anarchist, but I follow one on Twitter.”