Gay Marriage and Other Soapboxes

This might frustrate or confuse you, especially if you have had a similar raising as mine, but nonetheless, I think gay marriage should be legalized and I think it’s a form of prejudice to think it shouldn’t be allowed. To explain myself, if you haven’t clicked out of my blog and started writing letters beginning:Continue reading “Gay Marriage and Other Soapboxes”

Elizabeth Gilbert eased me out of my mid-twenties crisis.

Her book Eat, Pray, Love, which you may have read because you like the Oprah book club or refused to read because you hate anything Oprah endorses (which is where most of my friends fall), helped me become comfortable with myself. Mostly in the fact that I don’t quite know myself well enough yet toContinue reading “Elizabeth Gilbert eased me out of my mid-twenties crisis.”

Unlike 6.4% of my FB friends, I’m not pregnant!

It’s the issue that most single women in their mid-twenties deal with: seems like the rest of the world is having babies and I’m still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. It’s not the whole world, it’s not even a majority of my acquaintances, but it’s amazing how a measlyContinue reading “Unlike 6.4% of my FB friends, I’m not pregnant!”