60 Hikes: Collins River Loop

The Collins River Loop is in the Rock Island State Park near McMinnville, which has become somewhat of a favorite day trip getaway for my friends and I. It’s only about an hour away and has amazing waterfalls and a beautiful variety of scenery, including super sunny spots for me and shady cool spots for everyone else. 

This trail is an example of an urban trail, in a way. In that it is next to the main road and across the street for a large TVA power plant, but only moments into the trail the forest muffles the sounds of passing cars and electricity begin harvested. This trail was approximately three miles and covers an entire peninsula near Great Falls Lake, so the entire loop is near water. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day and the leaves were still such a vibrant green that the sunlight streaming through them lit the trail with a glow. Crunchy fallen leaves also covered the ground, which gave my step a nice fall sound. 

I have a tendency to think that I’m always just about to get lost. My sense of direction is marginal, at very best, and ever since a five mile trail turned into an exhausting, frustrating nine mile excursion I am highly aware of just how easily I can get lost. More on that trail later. When I came upon this sign post….I thought I would surely get lost. Because of the review of the trail, I knew that it wasn’t a balloon type of trail, and that I wouldn’t come back to this spot….I still don’t know where the ‘trail’ pointing to the left goes. I choose the right, and it ended well for me. 🙂

photo7.jpg Photo

Soon after I spent a good couple of minutes deciding which direction to go, I rounded the corner, enter the forest again and found this beautiful spot not far off the trail. 

photo8.jpg Photo

It was a beautiful trail and a beautiful day! I’m interested to see these trails in the fall and winter, but I really am going to miss the green!

photo9.jpg Photo

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