1. godeysgirl says:

    Do you ever find yourself wanting to challenge someone’s thinking? Or logic? Or grammar? In these situations?

    1. Becca says:

      Generally, no. For the most part, I’m not their to guide them theologically or socially, I’m there to sit with them, where they are, in pain or sadness, joy or comfort. There are times when someone’s thoughts, logic, or theology make me cringe inside because they are harmful, but I’m not their to instruct, I’m there to minister. If I’ve built up a relationship with the patient, I would feel comfortable pushing back through some reflective listening, but for the most part that isn’t my goal.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. godeysgirl says:

    I ask because the person’s statement above is contradictory. For example, he says “man desires to be better” which is an internal change of the person, the heart, the character, whatever. But he finishes with “to be in a better place” which is a completely different thing altogether. I’m glad you’re there to listen. I know I would have to resist responding, because I’m in complete agreement with you about being there to minister.

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