My little brother in law and I started a project because we wanted to put something happy on the internet. The first video went online in July and got passed around by family and friends. We had so much fun making it we made another one and then another one. In October we were invited to team up with Soulpancake to begin creating content for their channel. 

Our new video just hit 2 million views.

2 million. It’s a real number. I googled it. A number I can’t even wrap my tiny brain around. How? Whaaaa? I actually thought this video would get less views since it didn’t feature a guest and was so different from our previous videos. It’s cool to see how far this has spread and encouraging to hear how it’s impacted people, but 2 million? I have to admit over the weekend as we watched the numbers climb I would quietly say, “Okay.. that’s good! We’re fine now. That’s enough views.” But… it continued and… well .. continues. We stand completely amazed and completely overwhelmed by the response.

So now what?

I’m writing this because we’re gonna need the prayers and thoughts and support of all of you, our friends. If the coming week is anything like the past two days – it’s going to be a whirlwind. We want to navigate this and stay true to the course. This is all about spreading joy and encouraging people to take positive action. We need you to help surround this with love.

Thank you for all the ways you’ve loved me. Thank you for all the ways you’ve loved Robby. It wouldn’t be what it is and we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

May our little project be received in the same spirit of love with which it was created. 

Oh yeah – and Wednesday morning we’ll be on the Today show. 

So proud to know these people. Not because the Kid President videos just hit 2 Million views(!), but because I’ve never known people who authentically live out this message as much as Brad and family do.

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