John Green’s take on Black Friday


So I majored in religious studies and have spent a fair bit of time in church, which may color my thinking, but am I alone in thinking that Black Friday is clearly a religious observance?

(I mean, obviously it’s a totally secular event and has nothing to do with God or gods or anything*. I mean…

Once I had someone try to explain their draw to Black Friday, and it was just this. They aren’t the type that causally shop Black Friday, their version of Black Friday shopping was camping out, buying things that they may not need but had the money for, especially with such a great deal. It was standing in line with the same people year after year; people you only saw at Black Friday. It was their community, a community built around a common goal. 

From my perspective, it seems that the religions of our country should note this as a place where we can improve. Having known the beauty and peace found in the community built around our theological ideas, seeing our neighbors turn to community built around consumerism means that religions aren’t reaching those people.

John Green’s take on Black Friday

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