One Year Igor Free

Three hospital bands, four tries to get in an IV and 5 hours waiting-still waiting for the transfusion to start makes for a rough day. (Taken with instagram)

It’s been one year, almost to the day, that I had surgery to remove Igor. It’s been year full of chaos, both good and bad, and looking back it’s hard to believe that I so was paralyzed with pain and sickness only a a few months ago. 

I’m so grateful for those who prayed, sent good thoughts, and warm vibes while I was sick, through the surgery, and during the healing process. (And through this chaotic year, as well.) 

I’ve learned a lot over the past 12 months, most importantly, though, I’ve realized people are worth leaning on whether we think we need them or not, for that I am grateful; both for the lesson, the humility, and for you. 

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