What Letter Would You Write To A Gay Son?



“This is what love sounds like.”

Nope… try: This is what bigotry sounds like.

Good lord I can’t wait until we can look back on these times from the perspective of 50 years’ time. How conservative Christians fail to see this current fight as a near-perfect sequel to the civil rights movement from 50 years ago is absolutely staggering to me.

Even though I’m a non-believer, I’m happy I have many friends and family who still align themselves with the Christian faith who would never in their wildest dreams be so cruel and UNloving to their own offspring as the “loving” father in this letter:

Your male friend may also visit our home with you, but we will need to discuss certain boundaries. For example, I can’t allow you to share a room or a bed together when you are here, and I will not allow open displays of affection for one another, especially in front of the other children. If you stay with us, you will attend family devotions, and if you are with us on a Sunday, you will come to church with us to hear the Gospel.

ATTN: sds, conservative Christians, fundamentalists everywhere : mark my words… you are on the wrong side of history. Love is love. Get over it.

What Letter Would You Write To A Gay Son?

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