I’m a big believer in the journey. I think that it’s important to value every life experience that you are introduced to, the ones you barely endure and the ones your wholeheartedly enjoy. 

Something that has come to be representative of this for me is a prayer labyrinth. As you can see, there’s only one path to the center; this is quite different from a maze because it isn’t designed to be tricky. There are many different explanations of how people should use the labyrinth, especially as a contemplative prayer exercise. I was briefly introduced to the idea of a prayer labyrinth at a monastery in Alabama, late in 2010.

If you get a chance, I suggest doing it without regards to what purpose it should serve or how you should be using this tool and just walk. Some of the most peaceful moments I’ve had have been in a labyrinth. 

It’s a  beautiful exercise in seeing how your life is being lead, and it seems that you are getting close to the center, but then a few steps later you couldn’t be further. 

Right now, I feel pretty dang close to the center (which I consider to be God, or alternately, peace)…I have been on the edges and I know how it feels to be so far removed from the center that the last time I was walking the labyrinth, I began to get sad to know that eventually I will keep going on my journey and it will lead me further from the center.

That’s the beauty, though, that the journey’s never over.

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