Tyler Knott: I Believe


There are certain and altogether unalienable threads
that tie me together and are wound so tightly around
each other that they create the framework for these
tired bones. The skeleton that will one day be covered
with the skin of my experiences and the scars of longing
and some ache that stains it…

Tyler’s work is fantastic, but for those who won’t read it because of it’s length, at least read this: 

“I believe in believing.  In the sacrifice of this desperate illusion
of total control for the terrifying prospect that there are forces
at work far greater than any we could ever invent.  That we are, from
birth, pulled where we are supposed to be, and all we have to do is
stop pulling back and let ourselves be carried down stream and into
the rest of our lives.  I just believe.  I just cannot help but

Tyler Knott: I Believe

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