JOSIAH REDDING: How I Got a $6578 Round-The-World Ticket for $460


I’ve been working on this since January of this year, and yet I can hardly believe it was so easy. Last night, @micahtredding and I booked our first ever trip completely around the world — 5 weeks, 6 continents, 17 flights, 14 countries — and the best part of it all is that it only cost…

This, in my mind, isn’t something normal people like myself and Josiah do, it’s something that one guy who writes that blog where I first stumbled across it over there does. I have the awkward mix of the following emotions about my friend Siah’s trip around the world this upcoming summer: excitement, jealousy, nervousness, jealousy, admiration, jealousy, and pride. Jealousy is clearly a big hunk of what I’m feeling, and I’m man enough to admit it—perhaps I’ll be able to accompany him on his next go around the world. Honestly though, if I think about it, I am mostly just really proud of him accomplishing this whole process. It sounds cheesy, but in his opening paragraph, Siah talks about not being able to believe it’s set…I also feel this for him. We’ve been hearing about this for over a year and I think I honestly thought it wouldn’t happen, but tickets are confirmed and they are locked in. Now I have the urge to buy them feet warmers and travel sized soaps like a mother sending her only child to sleep-away camp for the first time. Send me a postcard kids. 

JOSIAH REDDING: How I Got a $6578 Round-The-World Ticket for $460

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