Today, senior editor Cord Jefferson notes that the Norwegian killings shouldn’t be seen by anyone as points on scoreboard: 

It’s easy to gloat right now. It’s easy for liberals to mock right-wing zealots. It’s easy for atheists to mock the faithful. It’s easy for Muslims to mock Christians. But what we forget, amid all that mocking, is that that sort of demeaning hatred is why Norway is reeling in the first place, why nearly 100 Norwegians, many of them children, are today dead too soon.

This isn’t to say that people shouldn’t learn lessons from Breivik’s attack. In fact, it should be remembered forever, like 9/11, and talked about in classrooms from elementary to college. But to use people’s lives, the loss of them specifically, as leverage to try prove a political point is downright sick. There were no wins or losses on Friday. There was only loss.

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