I can paint the world.

I was rounding out the outlined circle for my painting of the Earth for my preschool classroom and it hit me. That moment when you are struck with the beautiful genius of this life we live and you get goosebumps. 

I know how to paint the world. 

My life path has lead me to live in a place and time where the knowledge about what the world we live on looks like from afar is commonplace. So commonplace that after I finished my hasty painting, I thought “Well, it doesn’t look perfect, but they’ll know what it is.” Essentially everyone I come into contact with knows what our Earth looks like, even though we’ve never seen it for ourselves…even the four year olds I teach. There are many peoples on our planet that have no concept of how Earth looks from space. 

I won’t say that I’m lucky or blessed to live in a place where the people are so educated that this is common knowledge, because really what does knowing this do for me? Instead, I’ll just allow myself (silly, thought it may be) to marvel at the beauty of nature, science, and people. 

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