Frozen moments in history, by way of link shortcuts.

I suppose I decided to create a short cut to tumblr around the time that Egypt was going through (or just began to heal) it’s crisis…because this is what my tumblr short cut leads me to. 

I enjoy having it go to that rather than to the actual homepage, because it reminds me that people suffer, people support the suffering, and then we all forget that they are probably still suffering. It’s not a bad thing, per say...we’ve all got to figure out how to handle the global mindset that we will all have to adopt. Short term care and attention on large global scope may be the only way to allow our brains to feel genuine compassion for those we don’t know and have never met. 

However, I’m grateful that my lack of attention to a tiny detail when setting up a link, has allowed me to remember not only Egypt, but also other nations who we as a planet have supported and since forgotten.

Frozen moments in history, by way of link shortcuts.

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