A Salute to Bridesmaids (they are so hot right now)

Typically, she plays second fiddle to the bride — but these days, a bridesmaid is a pretty popular woman. At the end of April, Pippa Middleton got people buzzing as the maid of honor at her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William, then nabbed the cover of People magazine, which dubbed her “the knockout sibling who stole the show.” And on May 13, Kristin Wiig stars in the glowingly reviewed comedy Bridesmaids, playing an Everywoman coping with the upcoming nuptials of her best friend. Here, a tribute to bridesmaids through history — plus the reasons we love them so…

@annmariesayshi I honestly hope you one day make your dearest friends wear rainbow dresses. Sincerely, that would be amazing.

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