There are small groups of people living in the depths of jungles worlds away who have had no contact with any other world.

I read about this tribe a while back and couldn’t wrap my head around it. Imagine having never seen a plane. What did they think it was? If you look closely you can see the look in their eyes – part terror, part enchantment. It’s fascinating. Reminds me of the amazing opening scene to Terrence Malick’s A New World where they watch the ships arrive to shore for the first time.

The idea of “the explorer” has always been one that intrigued me. The recent book The Lost City of Z by David Grann perfectly captures that dangerous combination of curiousity, bravery and obsession – the spirit of what it means to explore. I love reminders that this spirit is still alive and well.  Whether it be brave mustached men seeking worlds unknown or one of Steve Jobs’ minions pushing the boundaries of technology, it’s inspiring to know that there are still rocks to uncover, people to meet and worlds to know.

(For more video- Werner Herzog documented a quest here.)  

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