My favorite deity is Santa.

Often around Christmas there are lots of writings about how we have made Santa into a god of sorts. Kids send their wishes to him (or pray), the kids have to be good to get the reward (righteous-heaven) and believing in him is largely about faith even though the odds are against the philosophy. Usually these writings are cynical. They can be cynical in the vein of protecting Christmas from what it’s becoming or by protecting our idea of deity. 

I love the idea of Santa, and that such a large part of the world believes in some version of Santa. The way people and children cling to Santa is the way Christians cling to God. 

Santa’s my favorite deity. I’m not saying I pray to Santa (though I’m fairly convinced that I did when I was 7), or that I value him more than God. Honestly, though, the idea of a deity that defies odds, accepts all, is overwhelmingly kind, is  super happy, and loves unconditionally is a prefect fantastic deity….Santa or not. 

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