I miss you guys.

Sometimes I am so surprised by how much I am overcome with my love and missing for friends and family from previous parts of my life. 

I’m a big believer in destiny. If someone is not currently in my life, I truly believe it is for a reason, if nothing other than to remind this fiercely independent person that I need and enjoy people.

I’m in the middle of a wave of longing now for past friendships, relationships, situations, and locations. Our generation has the profound ability to reconnect (or at least stalk) lost connections on facebook. But in one sense it makes it a little more challenging. Our minds help us; when we remember things we remember the good things, it helps to soften the past. Facebook, however, doesn’t let us hold on to our memories in the soft glow that our brains do. We find people and see that they too have moved on from us…they have a new group of hilarious friends, have not only gotten married, but also had a baby, they have actually completed/accomplished their plans that they had in high school/college…and we start to reflect about how our lives and friendships would have been impacted if life had not lead our paths apart. 

It is both wonderful and disconcerting.

This is sounding more bittersweet than I’m meaning it to be, but I can’t think of another way to relate it. The only other way is to make you listen to this song that my friend Anna posted her blog a few days ago…it sums it up perfectly. Then again, you probably don’t swell with memories about driving to a bookstore, listening to music, and being comfortable enough to not feel compelled to make unnecessary conversation.

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