WEGACE: White Elephant Give an Alpaca for Christmas Extravaganza!

About six weeks ago, my friends and were in a Bible class one Wednesday night and someone told us about World Vision’s gift catalog; through which you can purchase small farm animals, small business loans, job training, and school supplies for third world nations. I somewhat jokingly suggested that our annual gift exchange should be through that catalog. We would purchase items from this and then arbitrarily argue over them as we would if we were in a real Dirty Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. The idea stuck and yesterday we had our inaugural Wegace; please take note of our all too appropriate Christmas tree topper.

I walked away with three ducks given in my name.


In our party of about 15 people we donated approximately 23 small farm animals, seeds for a family for a year, music and arts training, job training for women, aided in medical needs for disabled children, and helped provide education for adults and children who need it more than we need another penguin coffee mug. 

The party was a success and we plan on continuing it and making it a tradition, we hope it will grow and that others will be willing to turn White Elephant Parties into Wegaces. We have a website as well as a facebook group if you want some more information!

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