It’s nice to be happy.

I’m at a rare point in my life, perhaps due to my opinion on providence, where I am sincerely filled with joy by the goings in my life.

I love that I have gotten into hiking and I’ve found my peace and new passion there. I am so grateful for this and to live in TN, which has the best state parks in the nation.

I love that our Thursday night group: The Conversation, is still happening every week and is going strong with good discussions about the things that matter (and some that don’t). I’m so thankful.

I’m finally feeling challenged in my job, which I haven’t felt in years. Even though it’s been a bit difficult to make the transition into my new classroom, I’m loving it.

My friends and I have reached the delightful comfort level of smooth interaction in which we don’t have to worry about offending each other. It’s heart warming.

I am finally comfortable with God. I’m no longer angry about my past, although some things from my old religious days make me sad to see my friends still caught there. This sense of emotional ease with the divine is incredibly freeing.

It’s so nice to be so wholly and consistently happy.

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