Maturing at a Train’s pace.

Rarely does a band and a fan mature together, typically they grow apart, especially if a band’s success lasts more than a decade. Music taste changes in both parties.

One of my favorite non-boy bands (yes, I was that girl) in high school was Train. A stark difference between Train and the rest of my music, but I’ve always been a lyric girl and that’s something that they’ve always had.

Their freshman album came out when I was 14, and lyrics like “Well she wants to live her life/Then she thinks about her life/Pulls her hair back as she screams/”I don’t really wanna live this life”” from ‘Meet Virginia’ resonated with me, probably because I was an overly mature teenager living in Lebanon.

I recently heard a new Train song on the radio and when the DJ announced it, I inwardly cringed. I hate when a music artist come back and their music doesn’t fit with me anymore. But I was pleasantly surprised by “Hey, Soul Sister.” Take a listen, or not if they’re not your cup of tea…but I needed to share my joy of being a fan of a band for 12 years.

Their new single is so much more upbeat than their other stuff, coincidentally, I’m more upbeat myself. Get ready to smile.

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