MLK, Milk, and Christians too.

It is with my whole heart that believe that homosexual rights has to be our next major social shift in our country. On a day where we are overwhelmingly united in social justice, this blog piece is a refreshing take on the comparison between civil rights and homosexual rights, and how Christianity and Christians undoubtedly play a role. 

It was 10 and half years between King’s assassination and the assassination of Harvey Milk. Today, most American Christians get that the color of a person’s skin is not a barrier to Christ’s love of them. Most white American Christians are a little embarrassed at racism in the church’s history. But most American Christians think that those who feel a natural sexual attraction to those of the same gender and choose to practice according to that (as any of the rest of us can and do) are beyond Christ’s love… unless they repent, which is basically like asking a black person to repent of being black.

I know it’s scary to people in the church, but my question is how long until we admit we’re wrong on this, too.

By a turn of fate’s hand, I met Amy Moffitt in NYC, she’s involved in the inner workings of the emergent church, of which you should get to know.

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