Expectations and Realities

Allie Brosh is a blogger who tapped into the psyche of a twenty-something. She astutely demonstrates the inadequacies most of us feel, and does so with pictures that make me giggle like a 6 year old. Her latest post was about expectations and realities and how they are often not aligned. Like all of her blogs, it made me laugh at her, but more so at myself, as I too often think I can dance like Beyonce…seriously, go read the post. 

500 Days of Summer is a low-key movie that I kind of adore, mostly because I identify with the main character, Tom. The thing that I most identify with Tom is the when the screen splits and plays out his expectations for an event and beside it what really happened. They are never aligned. His expectations played out perfectly, every change made the situation better. His reality though, had few changes that turned out positively. 

Pride and Predjuice (The Mormon Verison-that’s my sub-title, not their’s.) This version is cheesy and very pink and bubbly, but those who know me best have had to sit through this movie and at least pretend that they like it. In this film the main character is trying to get a book published, and when it is reviewed harshly by a editor with whom she had a unfortunate romantic tryst , she stands up grabs her book and throws a drink in his face. A second later you realize that the scene in which she took a stand was only her expectations. In reality, she fumbles the book and knocks the drink on herself and stumbles out of the restaurant. 

I love and identify with these characters and people so intensely. It’s laughable really. 

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